• Very fast, accurate and simple billing system
  • Barcode system enables faster and accurate billing
  • Top quality report formats
  • Standard Bill/Invoice No. format (example: 11711000024) includes Branch ID, Year, Month and Sequence
  • Billing of several patients simultaneously to serve the queue properly
  • Easily manage IPD patient’s Medicine Issue and Return
  • Post-voucher activities (Item Cancel / Discount / Referral / Contact No. Change, etc.) are secured by limiting the access privilege and timeline.
  • Quick Item searching capacity
  • Short expiry and R.O.L items are highlighted in all transaction forms to keep reminding the users
  • Quick navigation between different billing screens
  • Bill/Invoice is sent directly to printer
  • Cashiers instantly views his/her collection
  • Various Payment mode (Cash, Card, Cheque, Advance Adjust) facility

What customers say

It is an excellent solution for pharmacy stores. We've used this software and it very user-friendly but secured. I highly recommend it.

Obayedul Islam Rahat

HOO, Aster Pharmacy-Bangladesh

I have purchased this software and replaced my previous one. It helped me to reduce loss and increase profit. Moreover, I get any report with a few clicks! Thanks to the team.

Raju Baul

Owner, Souhardya Pharmacy, Cumilla