Excellence ICT is one of the leading mobile app development companies in Bangladesh for fully native mobile apps development with customization services. We provide cost-effective mobile app solutions for any type of android and iOS app. Our solution included for any Smart Devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, smart phone, tab, smart TV, smart watch etc.

Why Choose us for your next App Development?

  • Experienced developers : All our developers are well experienced for developing large mobile apps
  • Fully native apps development : We don’t just develop on web-view or js based platforms.
  • Same UX for iOS & Android : Our app UI & UX will be similar for both iOS & Android
  • Deploy to App Store & Play Store : We will take care of it from initial study to live on stores
  • Affordable pricing : The cost of the app will be lower than compititors
  • Faster delivery : We ensure the timely delivery within schedule date
  • Long term service contract : Our minimum app development contract is 01 year
  • Any level of customization : We will make it within the scope of the works

Architecture and Design

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Project Management

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“One of the finest design construction agencies I have ever worked with”

~ John Doe